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Monday, April 20, 2015
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Welcome to Satellite TV and Internet! Can Com Electronics is a leader in the Satellite Industry. With 35 years experience. Installing Shaw Direct and Xplornet High Speed Internet, we are proud of our contribution to bring TV and internet services to the Interior of British Columbia, Canada. 

In 2000, Can Com Electronics was recognized by Shaw Direct (Star Choice) as their #1 independent dealer in Canada. We have also been installing 2-way Internet systems via Satellite for over 15 years now. This enables us to provide our customers with reliable high speed Internet solutions, including Voice over IP, even in remote areas. Our technical staff performs over 2000 satellite system installations per year and we are well equipped to handle any eventuality.

At one time we manufactured the large dishes here in Williams Lake, from 4ft. to 12ft sizes. We were one of only two fiberglassers in all of western Canada. Our plant on MacKenzie Avenue ran production 24 hrs a day. Now with the advent of Digital Signal Broadcasting, things are smaller, cheaper and easier.

We are looking forward to serving our customers today and in the future.